The Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to Ramblings and Tantrums! Your online source of random posts filled with musings and sometimes just nonsense.

Why start blogging?

The blog was created last November 1, 2016 and originally intended as a book review blog. For over a month, I was unfortunately on a reading slump so the blog was basically empty. By December 2016, the blog went thru a lot of changes starting from username, to blog name, to themes and even its whole concept. It was because of those changes that I have decided that I don’t want to concentrate on just one interest but instead should tackle everything that catches my attention. I would like to think of this blog as something personal, like a journal. I will share the things and activities that I enjoy, and also my small journeys in life.

Why ‘Ramblings and Tantrums’?

I have always been treated as a child though I am already a full grown adult. They think that when I speak my mind I am just talking gibberish. Or when I react on something that ticks me off it’s just me throwing a fit. What they do not know is that I prefer to express what I feel at the moment rather that hold it in. Because of that, I have been known as someone with an angry personality. I am really misunderstood.

What to expect?

Since I have an attention span of a goldfish, I’d like to say that I will be posting random stuff. Mostly things that I find interesting at the moment, such as:

–           Books
–           Stationeries
–           Movies
–           Makeup
–           Skincare
–           Food
–           Travels