2018 Reading Challenges

My main goal for 2018 is to read more books. That is something I’ve been trying so hard to achieve for so long, honestly speaking. There are so many books out there that are just begging to be read. I wanted to try out new genres that I’ve never read before. And I want to be able to relate to all the hype I see over the internet.

However, it seems life has other plans for me because I can’t seem to get out of this reading slump. It’s like a recurring disease. One day you have it, later it’s gone, then it’s back again. But I still have my hopes up that’s why I decided to check out some of the yearly reading challenges across the web. Maybe they can motivate me to start my readings.

Below are the ones that I think are achievable and worth joining.

 1.       Goodreads Reading Challenge


I had been joining the Goodreads Reading Challenge since 2015. There is no task or category you need to follow. You just need to decide how many books you think you can read the whole year and aim for that. That’s it. My goal for 3 consecutive years was just 20 books. But this year, my goal is to read 40 books.

 2.       The 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge


The Popsugar Reading Challenge is something I’ve been wanting to join for a while now. I just wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to cross-out any of their checklist. But this year, they have 40 book prompts and an additional 10 book prompts if you’re really hardcore into completing the challenge. It didn’t state that you are required to complete all prompts. All it wants is for us to push ourselves to diversify our reading and have fun.

 3.       2018 Diverse Reading Challenge


I like this idea of a Diverse Reading Challenge. The goal is to read books not only that has a diverse protagonist but also written by a diverse author. It does not require you to read a lot of books but only one book per month. The challenge is set up to correspond to Heritage Months in the U.S. and where there are blanks, the host have filled in. This is a good way of getting to know the marginalized sector of our society.

 4.       Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge


The goal of this year’s Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge is to read amazing books. Their list is composed of 12 categories, all of which have provided great experiences to a lot of readers over the years. This challenge includes a kit where you can keep track of your readings.

 5.       Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge


Pretty much like Popsugar but this one only has 24 tasks, averaging to 2 books per month. It encourages us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and to try new forms of reading.

 6.       The 2018 New Release Challenge


For this challenge, books you read need to be released in the year 2018. There aren’t any checklist but instead levels. The number of new releases you read corresponds to a level. The more books you read, the higher your level.

 7.       2018 New Adult Reading Challenge


This challenge is just like the New Release Challenge except the books you read are all part of the new adult genre. It consist of 7 categories with different goals or number of books. Aside from that, they also have a Reading Bingo which has different topics and all you need to do is fill the entire card.

 8.       Classics Reading Challenge


This one is hosted by Penguin UK and all you need to do is read the designated classic book per month. That simple.

8.       2018 Beat the Backlist


A fellow book blogger mentioned this and I just had to check. Upon reading what it was about, I new I had to add it on this list. This challenge focused in reading the books that have been in your TBR for awhile. You set the number of books and what books they are. Just make sure the books are released prior to 2018.

So did you find a challenge you want to try? I sure want to try them all but let’s see. Just remember that it’s not the number of books you read, it’s how it affected you as an individual that’s important.



11 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenges

  1. The one actual challenge I picked out to join with a goal is the Beat the Backlist-challenge.
    Simply because I need to get my physical TBR down to a manageable number, haha.

    Love the sound of these challenges though! I did the Popsugar Reading Challenge last year and, honestly, if not for that challenge, I would’ve missed out on some amazing books!


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