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Unboxing: Marauder’s Dispatch – June box

And yes! I finally received my second Marauder’s Dispatch box last week, Thursday noon to be exact. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t arrive on the day I was expecting it. But nonetheless, I got my box, so all is well.

The June box’s theme is “Mystic Illusions” so I was thinking maybe a mystery/suspense/thriller themed book. They even actually threw in a game inside the box where subscribers get to hunt for clues. And I have no idea what I will gain from it if I complete it.

Of course, the box as usual arrived at my doorstep filled with bents and creases like it was never handled with care. I already asked them to change courier, which they did, but it’s those delivery dudes who just doesn’t know a thing about TLC (that’s Tender, Love and Care not the girl group LOL). But anyway, what’s important is nothing in the contents were damaged.

I think the box has more items than the first one. Or maybe the items looks darker and it has more confetti inside that’s why it looks filled. I dunno. My eyes are playing tricks on me. LOL.

Upon opening the box, you’ll see the first clue and the answer to that is where you’ll find the next clue. I must say that the first clue got me confused. I immediately thought it’s the candle but it was actually the light bulb. I really did a facepalm when they said that to me. So all along I already have all 5 clues and I didn’t even know. *facepalm again*

Anyways, below are the contents of the box. Two items, I’m guessing, is their signature so I think I’ll be expecting them on the next boxes as well.

* a personalized string with beads that spell out your name
* a small mason jar filled with funsize chocolates
* a book-inspired soy candle with the scent of peppermint and a 5% discount promo code from Idlestuff

* a sand-filled light bulb
* an hourglass
* a tub of bookish hand scrub
* a very small bookish pin
* a pocket watch
* a small notebook plus pouch
* a book-inspired bookmark and Nancy Drew bookmark from Mark Your Book PH

* and the book of the month, The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein

Honestly speaking, I have no idea what I will do with some of the items inside such as the light bulb and the hourglass. Add the pin as well because it’s so tiny. Well, I guess I can use that as props when I take pictures, right?

And the book, well no offense to the author and publisher, but if I were looking for a book to buy and read in a bookstore, I would definitely just go past on this one. But you know, this is the disadvantage of subscription boxes. You have no idea what you’re gonna get.

Anywho, I already reserved a box for the month of July so I am looking forward to that.

P.S. Marauder’s Dispatch is now shipping worldwide so do check them out.


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