Subscription Box

Unboxing: Marauder’s Dispatch – May Box

Ever heard of book subscription boxes? It’s a box that not only contains a book (sometimes it’s a surprise because they only give you a theme) but also has other bookish goodies. Heard of this? Of course you have!

Guess what? I just had my very first one! And I am beyond ecstatic when I finally received my box. It’s like I cannot believe it. This was only just a dream to me before. And now, it became a reality.

The box I received is not the ones you see that ships internationally. This is a proud Philippine-based monthly book subscription box named Marauder’s Dispatch. And I’m so glad I found them!


They were established last 8th of May 2017 and ships domestically. And since they just started this May, of course I had the chance of purchasing their very first box.

The theme for the month of May is “SUMMER DAZE”. Well, the first time I read their post, I really had no idea what book it could be. But since I love surprises, I said why not.  I wasn’t just excited about the book, I was waaay more excited with the bookish goodies inside them. Because it doesn’t just contain 1 or 2 goodies. It has 10. I repeat, 10 BOOKISH GOODIES! Who wouldn’t be excited about that??


The box costs 1300 inclusive of shipping fee. Not bad, right? It was shipped the following day after I sent my payment. And I received my box the day after it was shipped.

So what does the box look like and what does it contain, you say?

Well, the box was pretty simple as you can see on the first picture. Plain white with their logo on top. I just wish the box would have been a lot more sturdier though. Or maybe the shipping company won’t put anything on top it. But it’s fine. As long as I received my box, I’m happy. The contents would be as follow:


* a personalized string with beads that spell out your name
* a small necklace-type dream catcher
* a laurel crown or necklace (I’m not sure. LOL)
* an orange-colored weekly planner (not my color tbh)
* a pen in the shape of a key
* a very small burnt-like notepad
* a small mason jar filled with funsize chocolates
* a very small soy candle (it smells like milk)
* a magnetic bookmark (inspired by the book) from Bibliofriends
* a container of tea (inspired by the book as well) from A Court of Teas
* and of course, the book of the month, Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

So yes, those are what’s inside the box. Many, right? So many good stuff in just one box. I am so happy that I already reserved a box for the month of June. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing from them every month. Yey!


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