And I Am Back…

Yes, I am back.

After more than a month of silence, I am finally back.

I can’t really say that I had been busy being productive while I was not posting anything here. Because the truth is, I wasn’t doing anything at all. I wake up, go to work, go home, go sleep. Repeat that 5 times in a week. On my rest days, I am asleep almost all day. When I’m awake, it’s usually in the middle of the night so what I do is just scroll down on my IG feed. And that is it. That is what my life has been for the past month.

Pretty boring, right?

Well, I think I did some reading last month when I felt like it. Unfortunately, I was not able to post any reviews because I was just too lazy to compose. I did a lot of shopping so I have a lot of products up for testing and review but again, I’m too lazy. I haven’t watched any movies lately too. Like seriously, WHAT KIND OF BLOGGER AM I??

That is why I decided to come back. I am trying to tell myself that I can do this. I had been writing since I was in grade school, joined our school newspaper, and even entered competitions because of it. I know I still have it in me. I just need a little push and a lot of motivation.


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