Most Anticipated Movies for February 2018

As I’ve said before, better late than never. I had been so distracted with all these issues circulating in our office that I have totally neglected the blog. This post is a bit too late and I have even watched a couple of movies listed below already. But anyway, let me just go ahead and share my most anticipated movies for this month.

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January Wrap-Up

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! For those with their significant others, good for you. And for us singles, let’s drink our loneliness away! LOL. I’m just kidding of course. There is definitely nothing wrong with being single.

Anyway, I have been so busy for awhile that I barely have the time to update the blog. So, I hope it’s not yet too late to post my first monthly wrap-up.

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A Pledge on Reading Challenges – Am I Sure About This?

If you would remember, I made a post about 2018 reading challenges that I have seen over the internet. And today, YES, I have finally decided to join a few of those reading challenges. This is not going to be easy for me because I know for myself that I have a tendency to procrastinate A LOT. But hey, I think it’s about time I change my old ways, right?

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Most Anticipated Movies for January 2018

This 2018 do really has a lot in store for us. Aside from new books, there’s new movies. I’ve actually seen a couple of the movies on my list already but whatever. I know this post is a bit late, but you know the saying, better late than never.

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2018 Reading Challenges

My main goal for 2018 is to read more books. That is something I’ve been trying so hard to achieve for so long, honestly speaking. There are so many books out there that are just begging to be read. I wanted to try out new genres that I’ve never read before. And I want to be able to relate to all the hype I see over the internet.

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Most Anticipated Books for January 2018

Another year for new beginnings. Another year for new book releases. 2018 definitely has a lot in store for us bibliophiles and I can’t wait to read all the books coming out. But first, let’s start for the month of January.

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